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Magnify Authority, Clarify Your Value Ladder, Build Deeper Relationships & Reclaim Your Brand
  • ​Publish on a platform YOU OWN
  • FIX what shows up in search engines
  • ​Let your TRIBE build the relationship with YOUR BRAND
  • ​Make your VALUE LADDER crystal clear
Okay, so let’s address the elephant in the room:

What’s a FunnelHub? Isn’t it just a website? Didn’t Russell say websites are dead?

A FunnelHub magnifies your authority. It organizes all your funnels, offers and media in one place so that you can sell more, get more out of your paid ads and fix what people are finding when they search for you. (Even Russell has hired us to build out his FunnelHub  for ClickFunnels and his personal brand.)
You see an ad. You see an offer. It sparks your interest, so you do a quick search or dig into their social profiles to see who this person/company really is.

What do you find?

Nothing compelling. This person is supposedly and expert, an influencer, a personal brand. And all they have is a hodge-podge of funnels, old landing pages and maybe a website that hasn’t seen an update in some time.  

You’re left clueless about who the are, what they stand for and their brand is almost non-existent, or confusing at best.

Maybe this is your company's story? You’ve spent all this time building this one funnel, because you’re just “one funnel away.” But most people don’t even know everything that you offer, or question your credibility based on what they DO happen to dig up online.

let's take stephen as an example
He's a busy guy and this list doesn't show half of what he's up to...

  • Stephen has lots of funnels and offers
  •  He has an awesome annual event, OfferMind
  •  He's a podcaster
  •  He's a MASTER and a CRAFTSMAN when it comes to offer creation
  •  He's a close confidant of Russell Brunson
  •  He's a Funnel Hacking Live speaker
  •  He's a 2 Comma Club X Coach
  •  He says BOOM a lot and his rants are always awesome and motivating!
There’s huge upside to people knowing about all the things you do, what you stand for and the ways you can help them.  

Do you think your opt-ins and raving fans really know all this about you?

Until Stephen launched his FunnelHub, there was no way for the newly initiated social follower, or 2CCX member to really understand all this, let alone buy into the fact that he is the OFFER CREATION CATEGORY KING. 

The FunnelHub solves this, which is why it was time for Stephen to launch his…
So, how do you know if it’s time for a FunnelHub?
1. You’ve got a funnel that are producing opt-ins and leads and sales every day.

2. You make content but it goes to multiple channels, none of which you own. 

3. You see how you could build better relationships and sell more if people in one funnel knew about the other funnels, events and groups you have.

4. You’ve got funnels, websites, social profiles all over the place and there isn’t a single source where your new and raving fans can gather to get exposure to all of it.

5. A Google search for your name or your brand is only showing a step of your funnel that is too “advanced” for where they are at. (Hey, we’d all love to have a Google Search turn into a 25K coaching signup, but we know they need more nurture than that.)

6. Your tribe is confused about your offers or asking you the same questions over and over. Especially easy ones like how to work with you, where to get your bonuses, how to be an affiliate or JV.

7. You know that having a more professional brand is going to help your conversion rates.

8. There are people who are not feeling “sold” by your funnel and are searching you out to find other indicators of trust and credibility before spending money with you.

9. Your opt-ins are building a connection to the freebie lead magnet you just gave them, but you know it would be more valuable to you if they were a TRUE FAN with your BRAND.

10. You know you need a FunnelHub but need someone to do 95% of the work so it doesn't distract you, your team or the other priorities you have set.

is it time for your funnelhub?
Organize your funnels, clarify your value ladder & what shows up in search engines like Stephen did.
It was incredibly awesome to work side by side with Stephen to build his FunnelHub. What’s even cooler is to see how it connects all the dots for his growing brand and business.

Funnel Hackers aren’t using websites they way they used to. Funnels have (and will be) the way many of us start and grow businesses, and as your success builds, so does your need for a FunnelHub.  

If you know it’s time for your brand to build its next level of authority in service to your tribe, and you think a FunnelHub might be the way to get there, we should talk. 

We’re looking for a few more influencers and brands to help with their FunnelHub. Click the link, tell us a little about yourself and we’ll setup a time to talk.

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